How much will it cost me? 

Invest in your future

Part of making the choice of enrolling for this masters you will naturally need to consider what the overall costs and expected expenditure. To assist with this we have listed all expected costs clearly for you on this page. 

Tuition fees 

The tuition fee for the entire 18-month programme is € 19,500 to be paid at once or in two instalments. All applicants pay a minimum of 50% of the programme’s tuition fee upon admission to the programme to guarantee their place in Maastricht (September start). The remaining tuition fee is paid in full by 31 December to ensure timely entrance into Ireland for the Dublin semester (February start). 


Living like a Euro-Traveller

Of course, the costs of living abroad depend on your personal choices and the city you are in. You can calculate a budget with the approximate costs (per month) as listed below. 



Study books € 100 
Accommodation  € 500 - € 900 
Living expenses  € 300  
Total € 900 - € 1,300 



Study books € 100 
Accommodation  € 900 - € 1,200 
Living expenses  € 500  
Total € 1,500 - € 1,800 



Study books € 100 
Accommodation  € 600 - € 1,200 
Living expenses  € 500  
Total € 1,200 - € 1,800 

Securing accommodation in Maastricht, Dublin and Barcelona takes time so don’t wait to arrange it because the student housing market gets busier every year. 

Concerned about the costs? 

Three scholarships of € 2,500 are currently offered* (in the form of a tuition fee discount). The award is based on your general engagement and performance and assessed by your transcript of marks, motivation letter and intake interview. 

* The Leading Hospitality Innovation Management Board reserves the right not to award a scholarship in a given academic year based on student numbers and performance.

Curious about your future hometowns? 

Read more about life in Maastricht, Dublin and Barcelona. 

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