A life-changing experience

Living and studying in three cities

Think of this experience: studying the master’s in Leading Hospitality Innovation while living and experiencing three unique cities- the complete cross-cultural experience! With living and studying in Maastricht, Dublin, and Barcelona you will not only learn a lot about the local culture, it is also a journey of self-development. Additionally, you will develop your language skills and become a master networker. Overall, an unforgettable personal adventure that will move your career into the modern hospitality environment.



Push your boundaries

Maastricht - a city to love. The oldest city in the Netherlands is today one of the country's preferred student cities.

Living in Maastricht


Enjoy your student life

Founded by the Vikings in 841 CE, Dublin is Ireland's capital city and has since been its economic, cultural, and historic centre. 

Living in Dublin


Explore the contrasts

Barcelona is a Mediterranean city par excellence. Cosmopolitan, modern, welcoming, Barcelona has it all: history, design, leisure, the sea and an incredible cultural heritage.

Living in Barcelona

10 benefits to a three-city master’s programme

Imagine all the benefits of living and studying in Maastricht, Dublin and Barcelona:

1. Discover Europe and its culture
2. Experience three universities
3. Stimulate your curiosity
4. Make new and like-minded friends
5. Build an international network
6. Learn from other cultures
7. Develop your language skills
8. Gain life experience
9. Develop your ability to adapt to new environments
10. Broaden your career opportunities

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