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With 120,000 students across four universities in a city of both urban and natural beauty, Dublin is one of the best student cities in the world.


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Founded by the Vikings in 841 CE, Dublin is Ireland's capital city and has since been its economic, cultural, and historic centre. This community of over a million people is located within a wide, sweeping bay facing out into the Irish Sea and England and mainland Europe beyond. The city has a rich history of trade, conflict, and cultural innovation to explore. Dublin’s a hard city to beat for student experience. Incredible nightlife, prestigious universities and great connections to the countryside are just some of what you’ll find. Dublin is equally famous for its people as its pubs, who are known for their welcoming attitude and love of a good time. You will completely enjoy exploring Dublin and all it has to offer.

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Accommodation is key to ensuring your well-being during the Leading Hospitality Innovation study programme. 

Securing accommodation in Maastricht, Dublin and Barcelona takes time so don’t wait to arrange it because the student housing market gets busier every year. Rent prices vary significantly for a room in a student house or a shared apartment. Additional costs like gas, electricity and water are often excluded. 


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