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This programme was purposely designed to be a real-life cultural experience. Becoming a global citizen and change maker for the future world does not happen overnight. It’s inspirational, thought-provoking, and challenging. The exciting mix of theoretical and hands-on learning blended with real-world cultural experiences offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The programme is taught at three universities in three different European cities. Welcome!

The master’s programme Leading Hospitality Innovation enables you to learn and practice the global competences you need by means of a variety of teaching and learning approaches by an international staff in Maastricht, Dublin and Barcelona. You will not only learn in the classical sense of the word but also with the added value of a range of new experiences that is a natural outcome of living and studying abroad, working together with international fellow students, academics, hospitality superstars and clients, and getting to know the hospitality industry in distinct cultural settings. This is a true adventure.


6 Modules, 1 Consultancy Project, 3 Cities 

The modules contain the pertinent theoretical and practical learning components for leading hospitality innovation in the industry and are based on the expertise of the academics in the partner institutions. All modules apply Design Thinking approaches in the assignments and contribute to the knowledge base, which your project group requires to deliver an innovative and creative Hospitality Innovation Consultancy Project.

In Maastricht, you will focus primarily on leadership and people. Dublin will follow with a focus on transformational hospitality and hospitality futures, while Barcelona will complete the programme with a focus on digital transformation and experience design and implementation

At the start of the program in Maastricht, you are invited to join our introduction days which we call Boost Camp.  It offers you and staff an opportunity to get to know each other and to introduce the framework and teaching philosophy of the programme, that is design thinking. 

Find more details of the programme at each university below or click on this link to have an overview of the programme in total.

Education and examination regulations (EER)

The education and examination regulations provide all the information you will need about the content of the study programme, the academic support provided, and the way in which examinations are organized.

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Deep diving into people

People are at the core of the hospitality industry, which is why it is so often referred to as ‘people businesses’. We will work on a deeper understanding of the diversity of these people. The success of your hospitality concepts depends on them, on their roles and behaviour as consumers, colleagues, and clients.

Study programme in Maastricht


The integrated experience

Explore the future of global and strategic hospitality in Dublin. You will take centre stage in innovation processes within the global hospitality industry and work with upcoming trends and designs. Not only will you be triggered by co-creating toolboxes and the potential for change, but also by the prospect of winning competitions. Central to this method is that you re-imagine the future of hospitality!

Study programme in Dublin


Get your tech on

The rise of technology has dramatically changed our lives. It has not only boosted productivity but has also improved services and customer experiences. Change and technology translate into human experience. It is crucial to understand what makes an innovative service or product, to design or customize, into memorable hospitality experiences. In Barcelona you will challenge yourself to create a unique hospitality experience that considers how technologies transform the hospitality market!

Study programme in Barcelona
Our focus is on developing future proof hospitality concepts and consulting other entrepreneurs to be sustainable and innovative. If your dreams don’t scare you, they are not big enough. If you feel you can do better, than do better. Indulge yourself with all the knowledge, skills, tools and international experience this programme offers!
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