Maastricht: Deep diving into people - Leading Hospitality Innovation


Deep diving into people

People are at the core of the hospitality industry, which is why it is so often referred to as ‘people businesses’. We will work on a deeper understanding of the diversity of these people. The success of your hospitality concepts depends on them, on their roles and behaviour as consumers, colleagues, and clients.


3 modules

The study programme in Maastricht consists of the following modules: 

Leading People and Cultures in Organisations

Are you ready for the future of hospitality work? People and culture are crucial in establishing a true sustainable competitive advantage. At the dawn of a 4th Industrial Revolution, in a digital society, and with a depleted labour market, it is crucial to focus on commitment, engagement, and job satisfaction of employees.


Main learnings

  • Understanding the strategic role of HRM, and how to organize and structure this.
  • Exploring the challenging dynamics within organizations and teams.
  • Becoming familiar with various leadership perspectives in hospitality and their vital role.

Coordinator: Dr Tom Kuypers

People as Consumers

Every behaviour that we engage in starts with a decision. Understanding the psychological processes that play a role in this decision making process is thus crucial for understanding why people behave in a specific way. As such, in this module we take a deep dive into the psychology of human decision making and will help you to predict and shape (desired) behaviour.


Main learnings

  • Gaining in-depth knowledge in relevant theories and concepts in consumer psychology and decision making 
  • Predict how certain (marketing) tactics influence consumer decision making 
  • Design professional products/services and communication based on consumer psychology and decision making theory 

Coordinator: Dr Kimberley van der Heijden 

Hospitality Innovation Consultancy Project Part I: Discover & Define

Approach business opportunities and problems in an innovative way. Based on the Design Thinking method you will co-create a solution with the client and stakeholders throughout the programme. Doing so will develop your flexibility in thinking and looking at issues from different perspectives.


Main learnings

  • Figuring out how to apply empathising research methods and visualisation techniques.
  • Working with a broad spectrum of qualitative research techniques.
  • Realising methodological rigor is important to ensure a relevant outcome for the client.

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