Leading Hospitality Innovation programme - travel and visa tips

Travel and visa tips

Live like an Euro-Traveller

The start of your programme will be at the Hotel Management School Maastricht (HMSM) in the Netherlands. HMSM is an academy of Zuyd University of Applied Sciences. Therefore all applications start at Zuyd. We provide you with travel and visa tips to make sure that you can enjoy the LHI programme without worrying.



  • Make sure you have medical/health insurance and/or your European Health Insurance Card before starting the LHI programme. It is obligatory!
  • Get yourself travel Insurance so that you can enjoy the LHI programme without worrying about your health insurance coverage! 
  • Non-EU LHI programme applicants are reminded of the additional costs to the programme due to visa/residence permit costs and procedures. This includes proof of financial means.

Before arrival in the Netherlands: apply for your visa/residence permit

If you applied for the master you may need a visa (MVV) and/or residence permit to study in the Netherlands but this depends on your nationality. In both cases, the Immigration office at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences will apply for your visa and/or residence permit on your behalf. 

As soon as you have applied for your study programme in Studielink, as of May 1st, you will receive a separate e-mail with instructions to start the online application procedure for your visa and/or residence permit. Here, you have to fill in all the mandatory questions and upload the requested documents.

The final deadline for submitting all required documents in the online application process is July 1st. Documents submitted after July 1st will not be processed.

Please keep in mind that the application process for a visa and/or residence permit is an official process and requires the utmost input from the student. If your documents do not meet the requirements mentioned in this document, you will receive them back and you will have to adjust them accordingly. This can be very time-consuming, so make sure you carefully check your documents before submitting them. 

If you are a non-EU candidate, you probably need two visas for the LHI programme. It depends on your passport. The Dutch visa and residence permit are valid in Spain but not Ireland (EU Directive 2016/801).  

Check the websites of the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation services https://ind.nl/en/residence-permits/study/student-residence-permit-for-university-or-higher-professional-education and the Irish Naturalisation & Immigration Service https://www.irishimmigration.ie/coming-to-study-in-ireland/what-are-my-study-visa-options/how-to-apply-for-long-term-study-visa/ for the most current information on student visas.

Before arrival in Ireland: apply for your visa/residence permit

You apply for the Irish study visa online, while in the Netherlands, because this is only possible 90 days before arrival in Ireland. You need to be granted the study visa before entering Ireland. The LHI team from Ireland international@tudublin.ie can support you in the process. 

Check if you need a visa here:

Check with your local embassy/consulate for specific requirements here:

Online visa application here: 

Before arrival in Spain: visa/residence permit

You have all the documentation required to continue using the Dutch visa and residence permit in Spain. The Student Life office at IQS legalhelp@iqs.url.edu can support you with further details.

After arrival in Maastricht: Register with the Municipality

All students travelling to the Netherlands need to register at the municipality where they live.

Within 5 days upon arrival in Netherlands, you have to register with the municipality where you live. For this you need to make an appointment for the registration with the municipality. Once done, you will receive your citizen service number (BSN). With this number you will also be able to open a bank account.

Register here if you will live in Maastricht:

After arrival in Dublin: Register with the Irish Immigration Services

All students travelling to Ireland need to register with the Irish Immigration Services

You need to register with the Irish Immigration Service because your stay is longer than 90 days. This is done in person with the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB) after arrival. You will be required to give you fingerprints on first registration. The staff of INIS will issue you with a residence permit, with a Stamp 2 Permit. 

Re-Entry Visa
Since the 13th of May, 2019 students in possession of a valid Residency Permit no longer need a re-entry visa. You can simply present you Residency Permit and your original entry visa in your passport to the airline and at the border to return to Ireland.

After arrival in Barcelona: Register in the Municipal Registry

All students travelling to Spain need to register in the Municipal Registry

You need to register in the municipal registry of the town where you will live to get your empadronamiento certificate. This certificate is mandatory for all residents who will stay in Spain for six months or longer. You must complete your registration as soon as possible after you have found definitive accommodation. You will need the rental contract, the owner’s permission, or an invoice for services you have contracted in your name as proof of residence.

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