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Studying at three international universities. Meeting the movers and shakers of the hospitality business. Living in three cities. A study taught entirely in English. Working with numerous companies and organisations. Building a valuable professional network. The master’s programme Leading Hospitality Innovation is a golden ticket to an international career as a game-changer. 

Be the change

Our master’s programme will fill you with the knowledge, skills and tools to become one of the most influential and innovative leaders in hospitality. Ranging from navigating cross-cultural differences to guiding organisations through uncharted territories and challenges. This toolbox will help you to carve out your own path to a successful career. Be the change you want to see in hospitality!


Choose your industry

In hospitality the customer is always in focus. Whether it is a traveller, a student, a patient, or an employee. This helps businesses grow. With your skill set, all kinds of industries will be happy to have you on board.

  • Airline & transportation 
  • Internet services
  • Health care organizations
  • Food/retail business
  • Business consultancy
  • Finance and banking
  • HR and recruitment
  • Leisure and Tourism
  • Cultural and event services

This master is worth it

Completing this master’s degree will fast-track your leadership career. There will be so many jobs to choose from that the choice might be overwhelming! You can end up in management positions in hotels, restaurants, airlines, finance and banking, HR and recruitment, healthcare, retail, event companies, and other service institutions all around the world.

Some examples of positions:

  • Process and Innovation Manager 
  • Business Development Manager
  • Head of Global Marketing
  • Service Designer
  • Program Leaders
  • Sustainability Project Manager
  • Director of Operations
  • Chief Strategic Officer
  • Corporate Sustainability Manager
  • Safety, Health and Environment manager 
  • Hospitality Consultant
  • Chain Coordinator
  • Entrepreneur
Sustainability and innovation have always driven our approach to hospitality at Google, helping us design new ways for our workforce to flourish while remaining in harmony with nature. Over the years, we’ve extended this approach into our business ecosystems. Today, we’re tackling regenerative challenges at a societal scale — and it will be the next generation of hospitality leaders who will get us there.
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Michiel Bakker

VP Workplace Strategy, Innovation and Sustainability at Google

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