Three benefits of the joint master degree Leading Hospitality Innovation

A joint master degree is a programme offered by multiple universities in partnership. In the case of the Master Leading Hospitality Innovation: three universities! This programme allows you to earn a degree from multiple institutions and offers a unique and diverse educational experience!


Study in 3 different cities in Europe

One of the main benefits of our joint master Leading Hospitality Innovation (LHI) is the opportunity to study in three different European cities: Maastricht, one of the oldest and most international cities in the Netherlands, Dublin, the economical, cultural and historical centre of Ireland, and Barcelona, the Spanish Mediterranean city par excellence.

During this master programme you will study for a total of 18 months. First at Hotel Management School Maastricht as an academy of Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, before you move on to Technological University Dublin for the second semester, and you’ll end at IQS Ramon Llull University in Barcelona. 

How good is that? This allows you to gain a global perspective on the hospitality industry and its many different sides, and to develop cross-cultural skills that are highly valued by employers. Additionally, you will have access to a wide range of resources and opportunities, as you can draw on the strengths of each participating institution. This is a major benefit compared to a regular master’s degree. 

Study in an international classroom

Another benefit of this joint master programme is the opportunity to study with a diverse group of students. You will study in a small international classroom, together with students from diverse backgrounds and cultures, which will surely lead to rich and enlightening discussions and collaborations. This is exactly the aim of the master programme and will be especially valuable for your future career. If you are interested in working in an international or cross-cultural setting, this is the programme for you. 

Gain a global perspective on the hospitality industry and its many different sides, and develop cross-cultural skills that are highly valued by employers.
Interdisciplinary nature

A third benefit of this joint master degree is its interdisciplinary nature. Trends and designs, sustainability, the rise of technology, consumer psychology, consumer behaviour, leadership, and the future of hospitality are just a few topics you will come across during this master programme. 

Over the 18 months you will have 6 different modules, which contain the theoretical and practical learning components for Leading Hospitality Innovation in the industry and are based on the expertise of the academics in each partner institution. All modules apply Design Thinking approaches in their assignments. During the master you will work on one big project: an innovative and creative Hospitality Innovation Consultancy Project. Everything you learn during the modules at each institution you will apply to this project. 

Every semester will have a different primary focus, ranging from leadership, to the future of hospitality, to digital transformation. Because you do each part at a different institute, you’ll be guided by a broad range of professors and supervisors, all in their own field of expertise!

Unique education opportunity in Europe

In summary, this unique master’s degree provides you with a valuable educational opportunity in Europe, allows you to graduate with a degree from three different institutions, gain a global perspective and study with a diverse group of students from all over the world.

The Master Leading Hospitality Innovation is an excellent choice for anyone interested in an interdisciplinary and international career in the field of hospitality!

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