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Explore the future of global and strategic hospitality in Dublin. You will take centre stage in innovation processes within the global hospitality industry and work with upcoming trends and designs. Not only will you be triggered by co-creating toolboxes and the potential for change, but also by the prospect of winning competitions. Central to this method is that you re-imagine the future of hospitality!


3 modules

The study programme in Dublin consists of the following modules:

Hospitality Futures

Are you ready to integrate experiences with the academic? We will throw the academic excellence in the mix with a variety of hospitality industry experiences, key industry figures, group assessments, industry visits, presentations, class debates, and learning practice through workshops. A dynamic and interactive combination to enjoy and visualise Hospitality Futures!


Main learnings

  • Expanding your knowledge of current trends in the global hospitality sector and trend analysis.
  • Understanding of organisational agility and lean management.
  • Managing performance by means of different models and tools.

Coordinator: Dr Detta Melia

Transformational Innovation in Practice

You will be challenged to step outside of your comfort zone to do some transformative and radical thinking. Based on Design Thinking you will build innovative and creative capabilities to create and implement innovations. And, as an exciting experience, your ideas might enter international hospitality innovation competitions.


Main learnings

  • Understanding a variety of forms of innovation, creativity, ideation, and problem-solving.
  • Approaching innovation from both a conceptual and a practical angle.
  • Experiencing and auditing innovation as implemented by key hospitality industry players.

Coordinator: Mary O'Rawe

Hospitality Innovation Consultancy Project Part II: Develop & Deliver

This is the point where you really begin your innovation journey! You will be working for real clients and apply your experiences from phase 1 in a very practical way. You will also develop your own solution ideas and put them to the test as you learn how to prototype your idea and confidently demonstrate your consulting skills to cultivate the relationship with your client.

Main learnings

  • Experiencing a range of consultancy in-practice skills and coaching as part of client interactions.
  • Exploring areas for improvement or innovation by means of prototyping.
  • Developing creativity and ideation skills linked to innovation and leadership.

Coordinator: Colin O'Connor

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Creating a new Master's programme on innovation required the team to be similarly innovative! Working in the collaborative environment which evolved has been a very motivating and rewarding experience. Using design thinking to develop modules prompted a mindset of critical thinking and communication, essential when three partner universities are involved. And of course, innovation was at the core of every step.

Mary O'Rawe

Lecturer at Technological University Dublin

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